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ISSN 1869-778X

Frankfurt School Verlag

Aims and Scope  
RMM offers a forum to all scholars interested in problems at the intersection of philosophy and economics, whether they are looking at economic problems from a philosophical point of view, are applying economic methods in investigating philosophical problems, or are engaging issues concerning the common foundations of both disciplines as, for instance, in the theory of rational decision making.

RMM addresses issues such as:
  • Foundational issues in decision theory, game theory and social choice theory
  • The ethics of the market
  • Problems in business ethics
  • The methodology of economics
  • Philosophy of science and the foundations of statistics
  • Political economy and the foundation of social and political institutions
  • Philosophical aspects and applications of behavioral economics
  • Economic approaches to classical philosophical problems such as in ethics or social epistemology
  • The theory of instrumental rationality and its limits

RMM is an international online journal based in Europe. Articles are generally published in English. Authors using formal methods are welcomed yet requested to take pains to make their arguments accessible to a broad audience. Technical details should be placed in appendices.

In addition to original research articles, RMM features a discussion section with short articles and comments and a book review section.