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ISSN 1869-778X

Frankfurt School Verlag

Concept and Structure  
RMM is an open access journal addressing issues at the intersection of philosophy and economics. We seek to keep the time from the original submission to publication in RMM as short as possible. All articles will be put online as soon as the review process is finished and the paper accepted. Thus, RMM will appear continuously and will not be divided up into issues. All contributions appearing within the same calendar year form a volume and are successively paginated to make conventional references possible. Users who subscribe to RMM will immediately be informed by email if there is a new entry in RMM.

RMM features 4 different kinds of contributions:
  • original research articles marked as 'peer reviewed',
  • comments and critical notes on published contributions marked as 'comment',
  • invited papers focusing on a special topic, marked as 'article',
  • and book reviews.

Research articles undergo a rigorous double blind peer review. All other contributions will be subject to a simplified review process. Comments and contributions with comments show a link to the list of all contributions to the discussion.

The Latest Entries page shows a list of recent entries in reversed chronological order. As soon as a new contribution is accepted, it will appear at the top of page. A volume page shows all available contributions of the corresponding year systematically organized in a research article section, a discussion section comprising comments and a book review section. Articles focusing on a special topic may additionally be available via a corresponding special topic menu item.